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Network of Care Web Site Offers Local Residents a New Resource for Health

January 19, 2007
Adirondack Daily Enterprise

SARANAC LAKE, N.Y. — Essex and Franklin county residents now have a new resource for information about mental health, substance abuse and disability services in the region.

All this information is now contained in a “Network of Care” Web site that was announced and launched on Friday.

“This site, as you’ll see, is a resource for all,” Essex County Community Services Director Nicole Bryant said.

The site was developed with the help of Trilogy Integrated Services, a California-based company that specializes in improving communication in the health and social service fields at the community level.

The site, which was unveiled at a press conference at Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake, has seven basic categories that are accessible by an internet user. They are services, library, legislate, links, insurance, support and advocacy and “My Folder.”

Each category leads to a plethora of information. For instance, in the library there are 4,000 topics and 3,000 articles.

“Everything on the Network of Care Web site is designed to be located in three to five clicks,” said Jacqueline Zimmer, national sales manager for Trilogy. “It takes the guess work out of going to the Internet and searching for information."

Zimmer pointed out the language is simple and a great resource for people using the Internet at home.

The Web site also has an option that allows log-in users to create a private folder to store pertinent information, whether it is articles or personal insurance information. These folders have a log-in option that allows for them to be accessed by other users, whether it be a doctor or a family member.

JoAnne M. Caswell, Executive Director of Families First, indicated it will be a great resource for families at home and even her staff who want to find out about local providers.

“For my staff, it’s going to be wonderful to keep up to date,” said Caswell.

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