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Network of Care Web Site Unveiled for Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Counties

March 27, 2007
Fostoria Focus

Tiffin, Ohio — A Web site offering Ohioans better access to mental and behavioral health information was unveiled Thursday, March 22, at Tiffin Developmental Center.

The site, Network of Care for Behavioral Health, was developed by Trilogy Integrated Resources LLC of San Rafael, California, provides resources for individuals and families affected by mental illness. It also links together agencies that are concerned with mental illness, substance abuse, or developmental disabilities.

Web users can navigate the site by selecting their county on a map of Ohio. The site then gives the user the option to look for a list of services related to their particular concern.

“There was really no way for the consumer to come in and figure out what was available,” said Kathy Sternbec, site publisher for Trilogy, commenting that the Network of Care web site was developed to link fragmented social service agencies.

Trilogy first created Network of Care sites for seniors and the disabled for the state of California in 2001. The group was then approached by the state’s department of mental health to create a site to suit their needs.

Since then, Trilogy has created Network of Care sites for behavioral health for 13 states including Ohio, and is set to debut sites for three more states in the near future.

Along with information about area behavioral health providers and agencies, the site contains information on insurance and legislation related to mental health.

Network of Care also has a library with information on over 4,000 health topics.

“I think any time that you as a consumer are more informed about what you need, you have more decision making power and more control over your own recovery,” said Philip Atkins, director of communication for Allen, Auglaize and Hardin County Mental Health Board.

One of the most unique features of the Network of Care web site is the “My Folder” option. This section allows the user to store medical information in a password protected file.

Sternbec said users can place insurance information, medical history, medications, a list of their health care providers, and other personal health care information in the folder.“

After you put all that information in there, since it’s online in a secured server, you can give other people access to it,” Sternbec said.

Using this feature, site users would be easily able to share their medical information with other health providers or family members.

Unique to Ohio’s Network of Care site is a section for service members and veterans.

The site can be accessed at