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Press Release

Muskingum Area Mental Health and Recovery Services Board Unveils Network of Care for Ohio

March 23, 2007
WHIZ-TV, Zanesville, OH

Zanesville, Ohio - With the click of a mouse people in our area can access information about behavioral health issues.

The Muskingum Area Mental Health and Recovery Services Board has developed Network of Care, a community based website in our area that offers information about mental illness and substance abuse.

“It’s an outreach tool, it helps people to find their support, find the programs they need, share information and take an active role in their own recovery,” said Kathy Sterbenc, Publisher, Network of Care.

The website currently reaches 77 counties in Ohio and provides a library with more than 4,000 topics and support and advocacy information.

“It’s for people who are already living with diagnosis or conditions and is also for people who are brand new to their diagnosis and have no information, if you get a diagnosis today you can read dozens of articles about the different aspects of it, you can find your local programs,” said Sterbenc.

The website also serves Coshocton, Guernsey, Morgan, Noble and Perry Counties.