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The Answer May Be A Few Keys Away

May 17, 2007
NAMI Santa Clara Newsletter

Sacramento, Calif. – Imagine you have a crystal ball and with a few strokes of the hand, can conjure real life answers to the sometimes unreal world of mental health. “Oh Network of Care Crystal Ball, I have this and this condition and was wondering what services and organizations and government agencies might help me“? I assure you, much quicker than I could type this sentence, the two finger method…, you will have those answers, and if you like, you will be updated.

Paul Cumming, a consumer research analyst and a member of San Diego NAMI reports the following:

1) "The NOC was named by the President's Freedom Commission as a recommendation to help de-fragment the mental health system.

2) I mentioned the less dependency on the County Dept of Mental Health by patients and their families. This is because the service directly is loaded into the Network of Care, and kept up to date by Trilogy. With the other components such as the Healthwise Library, links connecting us to advocacy groups, and a legislative tool we can become more knowledgeable about mental illness services inside and outside the department and start making friends whom are consumers, and likewise for families to meet other families, which is a fastrack to Recovery, and it was especially in my case.

3) The My Folder section of the site, has WRAP training by Mary Ellen Copeland, along with a WRAP document template that now allows 100% of consumers in NOC provided areas the ability to do a WRAP plan and use it in their shared decision making process with doctors and clinical staff. Now it is up to us, the consumers to do the WRAP plan."

If you haven’t been there, take a minute. If you have pressing concerns, use this free service to save time and become informed.