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New Web Site for Rhode Island Addresses Mental Health Disorders

June 29, 2007
Providence Journal

Providence, R.I. — A coalition of organizations say they have created what’s being billed as a one-stop online resource for people and families looking for advice to deal with mental health and behavioral disorders. “gives Rhode Islanders a place to go when they’re in need of behavioral health services, support and advocacy and don’t know where to turn,” according Laura Adams, president of the Rhode Island Quality of Care Institute, in a news release.

Nearly one in five Americans experience such problems in any particular year, but only one third of them get treatment, according to the Surgeon General.

The Web site has a system for searching for services, can be used to track state and federal legislation, has an archive of articles on behavioral health issues, and a button at the bottom of each page to call up a list of emergency services in the area.

The site also offers a list of health insurance companies that offer mental health coverage. Although the site directs viewers to each company’s Web site, does not provide a comparison of policies, which is important because some insurers provide significantly better mental health coverage and services than others.

The Rhode Island Network of Care for Behavioral Health Web site is being done in conjunction with several other organizations, including Butler and Bradley Hospitals, The Providence Center, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island and Blue Cross.