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Groundbreaking, Statewide CiMH learning Community


For some time now, the Network of Care and the California Institute for Mental Health (CiMH) have longed to establish an integrated, statewide learning community. More than that, we sought an eLearningbased training environment with a vastly superior deployment capacity, accurate tracking, ease of use, and financial savings. Perhaps most importantly, we wanted to capture brand-new technology that enables, for the first time, far greater integration, control, and expanded course-catalog capacity.

The result is a partnership between CiMH and the Network of Care enabling a remarkable system that offers the following:

  1. Allows CiMH to replicate its own LMS quickly and easily to any county in the state.
  2. Allows each county to do the same kind of sub-LMS creation for its own departments or contract agencies.
  3. Has complete "roll-up tracking and reporting" for all.
  4. Offers social-networking integration for every workshop.
  5. Provides a nationwide trainers’ database from which to choose.
  6. Includes CiMH course catalogs and events.
  7. Can accommodate unlimited course catalogs.

This last feature is somewhat groundbreaking in that the system is not confined to a single course catalog, but rather can accommodate any number of catalogs. This multiple-catalog feature dramatically increases the breadth of high-quality course offerings that any department director offers her employees. By doing so, it also provides a fair and balanced environment in California among catalog content providers. With this new CiMH LMS, any and all quality catalogs can be accessed within the same LMS by the end user, giving much greater choice for departments and their employees.

Best of all, it is probably considerably less costly than the more limited alternatives that are out there, making it easy to tie all learning opportunities in the state into a single system and a single view.

To contract directly with CiMH and join CiMH’s learning community, please contact Sabine Whipple at or (916) 556-3480 ext. 138.