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Press Release

City of Portland and Multnomah County Launch Voluntary Emergency Registry

September 21, 2007
Portland Business Online

Portland, Ore. – Portland and Multnomah County are creating an online registry to identify and assist the elderly and people with disabilities during a disaster.

The Voluntary Emergency Registry is a Web site allowing people to add their names to a list that can be checked by emergency first responders and emergency personnel during a crisis, aid in 911 responses, and provide a way to for vulnerable residents to receive emergency preparedness information so they can develop their own disaster plans.

The Voluntary Emergency Registry automatically links into the 911 system, the public health authority and human services agencies as well as being available to emergency operations staff.

The registry can be accessed through the Network of Care,, a statewide Web site featuring resources detailed by county for the elderly and people with disabilities.

People will be able to access the registry through their home computers or public access computers located in all Multnomah County Libraries. Those without Internet access or needing special assistance to apply for the registry can call Multnomah County's Aging and Disability Services' Helpline at 503-988-3646 or the city of Portland's Disability Program at 503-823-2036.