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Press Release

Web Site Consolidates Independent Living Resources

October 5, 2007
KTVF-TV, Fairbanks

Fairbanks, Alaska new web site is up and running to provide information for the elderly, people with disabilities and the caregivers and agencies that help them in Alaska.

Individuals will be able to look for services, find out about issues, and advocate to elected officials through the site.

The Network of Care site includes a directory of approximately 300 service providers in Alaska, as well as libraries, information about specific disorders, news in the field, and legislation tracking.

Network of Care publisher Kathy Sterbenc says, “The Network of Care is designed to pull together all of the independent living resources in the state of Alaska into one place that is accessible to everyone, it’s free and 24/7. It is funded by the state independent living counsel. The beauty of the network of care is that it pulls together different types of resources that were formerly scattered all over the place.”

The website can be found at