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Revamp for Senior, Disabled Services

Aug. 21, 2001
Alameda Times-Star

OAKLAND, Calif. - The problems of finding services, for the elderly and disabled are getting attention in Alameda County.

After hearing from a series of speakers involved in the Long Term Care Integration Planning Project, the Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to continue the group’s work which is funded by a $2.3 million state grant.

The group which also has been working with Sacramento County, was set up to look at access to services for seniors and the disabled and determine what improvements were needed.

Linda Kretz, the county’s director of Adult and Aging Services, said that 25-member planning committee found that services to the county’s estimated 215,000 to 230,000 seniors were fragmented.

“There was a lack of information and coordination. We’re looking at how we’re going to work on that so the consumer doesn’t have to go to every agency, she said.

On Monday, the planning group, which is seeking 10-12 new members for the next phase of its work, will unveil a Web site that will help people find services they need.

The Web site can be accesses Monday afternoon at, after it is shown to the board’s health and social services committees. “The thing about this is at any point you can print or e-mail (the information) by pushing on button,” Kretz said. The Web site will list services available to seniors and the disabled in the county, including information on any of 18,000 medical tools or devices available as well as links to local state and federal agencies.

In addition, the Web site will be accessible in English, Spanish and Cantonese and will allow users to track bills in the Legislature and communicate with lawmakers.