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GAH Partner Network of Care Launches Site for Veterans

March 27, 2009
Give an Hour

A new national model of care for returning veterans is about to be launched in the state of Maryland. The Network of Care for Veterans & Service Members, nearly three years in the making, will be launched on Tuesday, March 31. That will be followed by a similar launch in California as part of a two state national model for this service.

This community-based Web portal ( is a state-of-the-art “virtual community” for returning veterans and their families. It includes all local, state, and federal service programs, along with an outstanding knowledge base of articles and fact sheets. Network of Care also offers an advanced social networking platform, which Give an Hour will be utilizing; information on support groups; tools for legislative advocacy; daily nationwide news; and personal health records.

Network of Care itself is a highly interactive, single information place where consumers, community-based organizations, and municipal government workers all can go to easily access a wide variety of important information. The resources available include a fast, comprehensive service directory; links to pertinent Web sites from across the nation; a comprehensive, easy-to-use library; a political advocacy tool; and community message boards.

Network of Care was a joint venture among the states, their counties, and Trilogy Integrated Resources (another Give an Hour partner). The Network of Care for Veterans & Service Members has been jointly funded by the Maryland Lieutenant Governor’s Veterans Initiative, the California Mental Health Directors Association, and Trilogy Integrated Resources. It is completely free to the public.