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Boulder County, Colo., and Partners Launch Comprehensive Network of Care Web Site

March 31, 2009
Boulder County Community Services Department

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo.– Boulder County’s Network of Care launched today, providing a comprehensive, interactive Web site that will help the public and providers access a breadth of information and countywide human services.

The Network of Care site,, serves as a single portal to a wide variety of information organized into four modules: Seniors & People with Disabilities; Children, Youth & Families; Behavioral Health & Wellness; and a countywide Resource Book. The site also provides an easy, one-click way to follow current legislature and contact your elected officials.

The Network of Care was developed by Boulder County and its community partners as part of an effort to address the Boulder County Human Services Strategic Plan’s goal of integrating and coordinating the delivery of human services in our community. Regardless of where visitors begin their search for assistance, the Network of Care helps them find what they need by ensuring that "Any Door Is the Right Door" for those seeking help.