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Web Site to Help Maryland War Vets Get Care

April 1, 2009

ANNAPOLIS, Md.— Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown launched a new program Tuesday to connect veterans with a variety of health programs.

The Web site is an online resource that provides quick access to national, state and local services.

Studies have revealed that one out of three veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffers from mental health problems, 11 News reporter David Collins said.

"The need is undeniable. Many of our veterans are returning with wounds that are seen and unseen," said John Colmers, the state secretary of health and mental hygiene.

Yet many veterans don't sign up for services through the Department of Veterans Affairs, and their families don't know where to turn for help.

"In the veteran community in general, there are gaps in information regarding available resources," said state Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs Wilbert Forbes.

Brown, who has spent 25 years in the military, including a tour in Iraq, launched the new Web site to connect veterans to the help they need.