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Web Site Provides Help to Elderly, Disabled

Aug. 21, 2001
San Jose Mercury News

OAKLAND, Calif. - Alameda County introduced a Web site Monday designed to help the elderly and people with disabilities find services and resources.

The Network of Care, one of two pilot programs in the state, is a multilingual informational Web site designed for the estimated 338,000 seniors and disabled persons in Alameda County, their caregivers and service providers.

Network of Care ( has been launched in Alameda and Sacramento counties, funded by a $2.3 million grant from the California Department of Aging. The Web site has a directory of 800 service providers in Alameda County and has a database that contains information about illness and care-giving that will be updated monthly.

``This is a robust library for caregivers,'' said Bruce Bronzan of Trilogy Integrated Resources, one of the creators of the Web site. ``It's designed for consumers, and agency heads can use it as well.''

Although Spanish and Chinese are the only other languages currently available, 13 additional languages, including Korean, Russian and Tagalog, will be added.