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Press Release

Dynamite New Web Site for Seniors

Sept. 6, 2001
City of Fremont's Sterling Times

OAKLAND, Calif. - A new government Web site, designed exclusively for Alameda County’s seniors and people with disabilities, places an incredible variety of services and tools in one place to help people stay independent.

Many long-term care services are available to seniors and people with disabilities. But with no way to coordinate these services at the local level, using them or even finding them can be difficult. That’s why Trilogy Integrated Resources, in partnership with Local Communities Network, joined forces with our county government to create the Alameda County Network of Care Web site, The Web site launched on Aug. 20, 2001.

This Web site is easy to use, regardless of computer experience.

Network of Care is available in English, with key portions in Spanish and Cantonese. There are plans to have the entire Web site in all major languages.

Here is an overview of services and tools on the Network of Care:

The Resource Finder: Type in the topic or service you want to know about and a powerful database will list information on Alameda County service providers, non-profit groups, clinics and more.

The Library: An extensive collection of articles and fact sheets written about medical, financial and legal information.

Assistive Devices: A database of more than 18,000 pages of state-of-the-art tools and devices, which you can search by function, company or brand.

Govt Links: Network of Care lists the Web site of the local, state and federal agencies that serve seniors and people with disabilities.

Legislate: This is a bill-tracking tool to follow legislation. Take part in “straw polls” and communicate directly with lawmakers before they vote on legislation that affects seniors and people with disabilities.

My Record: Create a private online file of medical and legal information for yourself or a loved one.

For Caregivers: Network of Care offers information on each stage of caregiving.

For Providers: Service providers can share information about their services.

News: Every day, Network of Care delivers the top state and national headlines about seniors, people with disabilities, caregivers and service providers.

Hot Topics: This section offers the latest news and information about topics of special interest, i.e. transportation and health care.

Newark seniors, this is powerful stuff. I will be available to help you use this Web site in the computer lab.