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State, County Leaders Help Launch Network of Care

Aug. 20, 2001
Network of Care

State and county leaders joined hundreds of seniors and service providers in praising Network of Care during launch events introducing the multilingual, community-based Web site in Sacramento and Alameda counties.

Initiated by both counties and funded with a Long-Term Care Innovation Grant from the California Department of Aging, Network of Care ( is a pilot program for California and the nation. The site, inspired by Gov. Gray Davis’ Aging with Dignity initiative, was created in partnership with Trilogy Integrated Resources Inc. and Local Communities Network Inc.

“I would like to thank Sacramento and Alameda counties for responding so ably to my challenge to come forward with new, creative and innovative ways to improve the Long-Term Care system in California,” wrote Davis in a letter to county leaders. “This collaboration between Sacramento and Alameda counties is truly an example of e-Government at its best.”

Davis’ gratitude was echoed by Grantland Johnson, secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency, who participated in the Sacramento County launch event.

“(Gov. Davis) believes we should make every effort to allow our seniors and disabled to lead as independent an existence as possible,” Johnson said. “This project has harnessed new technology, utilizing the Internet to assist us in achieving this goal on a statewide basis.”

Lynda Terry, director of the California Department of Aging, told the Sacramento County audience that she knew Network of Care would succeed when she first discussed it with Bruce Bronzan, president of Trilogy Integrated Resources.

“As your Department of Aging director, the biggest perspective I come from is that of a family caregiver, and knowing that oftentimes when you need something, you’re in crisis mode, and you need to find information quickly,” Terry said. “You need to find accurate information, and using technology is one of the best ways we can do that.

“I, for one, am your biggest cheerleader and your biggest fan,” Terry said of the new Web site. “The Department of Aging is absolutely thrilled to be able to fund this project.”

Network of Care is a tool that will provide assistance and information of equal value to seniors, people with disabilities, family caregivers, professional service providers and government agencies, said Jim Hunt, director of the Sacramento County Health and Human Services Department. He praised Bronzan and partner Afshin Khosravi, president of Local Communities Network, for their achievement.

“You know, whenever you hire consultants, you always wonder what you’re going to get,” Hunt told the Sacramento County audience. “I set high expectations for my staff and the people we contract with, and I can say without any doubt that Trilogy has exceeded the expectations; they have exceeded the contract requirements, and they have put together a product that is truly stunning – one that I hope we can replicate throughout this state and perhaps across the country.”

Alameda County officials said Network of Care would provide invaluable assistance to the more than 300,000 seniors and people with disabilities living there.

“Network of Care is an incredibly important project for the elderly and people with disabilities in Alameda County and all of California,” said Assemblymember Dion Aroner, D-Berkeley, chair of the Assembly Human Services Committee. “This Web site provides a tremendous service to our citizens. Network of Care will help people find the resources they need without having to waste a lot of time searching. It also will provide invaluable assistance to service providers, who must serve their clients within a fragmented system.

“With the launching of Network of Care,” Aroner said, “Alameda County leads the way in empowering seniors and people with disabilities to lead independent lives.”

Network of Care provides a comprehensive directory of hundreds of service providers in