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Denver Launches Site Listing Help for Seniors

April 19, 2010
Denver Post

DENVER – From finding wheelchairs to connecting with the right doctor, help for Denver's aging adults is now just a click away.

The Denver Regional Council of Governments last week launched an online database listing service providers, medical and drug information, medical supply resources and numerous other links aging adults might need.

"The website is really designed to connect seniors with services," said Chandra Matthews of DRCOG's Area Agency on Aging.

Lists of services organized by region and topic allow users to find care options close to home. The website also lists events seniors and their families might want to attend, such as classes on caring for an Alzheimer's patient or tips for preventing falls.

"Two hours after we launched we had people requesting that events be included on the website," Matthews said.

Anyone can access the website, making it ideal for the families and caretakers of seniors, she said.

"I'm really impressed with the site," said Howard Yeoman, executive director of The Senior Hub Inc., an organization that offers support services to older adults. Links to a symptom checker and explanations of diseases help educated patients and families about illnesses.

Yeoman hopes the site will help people get to the doctor sooner and prevent hospital stays, he said.

"Most people are physically and mentally healthier if their condition allows them to stay in their home."