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Hawaii's Leaders Praise State's New Network of Care for Veterans

August 16, 2012
Network of Care

Memorial Plaza at the Hawai'i State Veterans Cemetery in KaneoheMaj. Gen. Darryll D.M. Wong, Adjutant General of Hawai'i (left); L. Tammy Duckworth, former Assistant Secretary of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs, and Gov. Neil Abercrombie salute after placing a wreath upon Memorial Plaza at the Hawai'i State Veterans Cemetery in Kaneohe.

HONOLULU—Hawai‘i became the most recent state to adopt the Network of Care program statewide. A large and enthusiastic group assembled Aug. 16 in Honolulu to launch the Network of Care for Service Members, Veterans & Their Families.

In addition to veterans from as far back as World War II, Hawai‘i Gov. Neil Abercrombie was joined at the dais by Maj. Gen. Darryll D.M. Wong, Adjutant General for the State of Hawai'i, and Ron Han, Director of the Hawai'i Office of Veterans Services, along with many others. All three were excited to finally deliver this state-of-the-art, one-stopshop to their veterans and service members.

Watch one of the many TV news reports about the launch event.

Gov. Abercrombie said this project was an example of how the State of Hawai‘i is using Internet communication technology to better serve its citizens. "We in Hawai'i care very much about those who have served their country and have come home," said Abercrombie. “With the Network of Care, we can now reach out to them and make it easy to find all services, information and support. What used to be fragmented and confusing is now in one place and easy to use. We are bringing a rich variety of support tools, including a remarkable jobs board, directly to our service members and veterans.

"This is a huge step forward in serving our returning military members, our veterans, and their families," Abercrombie added. "Gen. Wong, Director Han, Sharlene Chun-Lum and others have helped us do something very significant. I hope, eventually, all states can provide such a remarkable service."

"We are really excited to bring the Network of Care to Hawai'i," said Gen. Wong. "This remarkable program will be a great service, especially to our soldiers who are transitioning back to civilian life. With this tool, our returning service members can easily and quickly find virtually everything they and their families need in one single place. It is a most helpful tool that complements our total Military Force services with local services – and makes it easy to find everything. This is a wonderful step forward!"

"Now that our military personnel are returning in greater and greater numbers, it is so important to serve them properly when they get home," said Han. "The Network of Care is just in a league of its own. Jobs, services, support groups, Personal Health Records, news, social networking – itis amazing, and it is a critical one-stop shop for them and their families. We are very happy that we will be able to help them in such an efficient and meaningful way."