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Idaho Public Health Districts Unveil Statewide Network of Care for Public Health

September 20, 2012
Public Health - Idaho North Central District

LEWISTON, IDAHO—Idaho will soon become the first state to adopt the Network of Care for Public Health statewide. Idaho’s Public Health Districts are funding this community-based Web portal program, which is a resource for individuals, families and agencies concerned with community health.

The Network of Care program will provide Idaho’s public health leaders, policy makers, and stakeholders with the best possible information to make decisions to improve the quality of health for the state’s residents. The site features science based health education provided by “Healthwise,” direct links to state and federal lawmakers, health data which includes county indicators as well as indicators from the national County Health Rankings and Healthy People 2020 goals. These indicators are broken out by Idaho’s seven public health districts as well as by county and can help local leaders focus their efforts to improve health at the heart of the problem.

This extraordinary program offers the following features:

• It provides as many as 170 customized Local Health Indicators for each county.

• In many cases, it shows specific dimensions within an indicator to more accurately identify problem areas and targets. Indicators often contain time trends as well.

• Indicators are automatically compared to Healthy People 2020 goals and to Idaho’s state averages.

• Indicators include model practices from the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), along with recommended interventions for positive change from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Since limited resources are a challenge for many local and governmental agencies, having access to this data can help local public health leaders and other policy makers direct their resources to areas that will target specific health issues and create healthier populations in their jurisdictions,” said Carol Moehrle, Director of Public Health – Idaho North Central District.

In addition, the Network of Care web portal provides a vast library of resources for individuals and families to help them improve their health. Each indicator has a wide variety of information on prevention, testing, treatment, and key decision points as well as interactive self-assessment tools, forums, and news from around the country. In addition, the Network of Care web portal can be viewed in multiple languages.

Idaho’s Public Health Districts strive to create healthier communities. Making the Network of Care for Public Health available to Idaho’s residents and policy makers provides one more tool that can be used to help accomplish this goal.

To learn more, visit Idaho’s Network of Care Sites at: Again, data is available by county or by each of the state’s seven health districts.