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New Web Site Offers Wealth of Information

Aug. 18, 2002
Hanford Sentinel

HANFORD, Calif. - A wealth of information can now be found online for the elderly, people with disabilities, caregivers and service providers at (Network of Care).

This online database, sponsored by a Long-term Care Innovation Grant from the California Department of Aging, is a pilot program for California and the nation.

"I am excited that the Network of Care is launching its Web site," said Sharon DeMasters, executive director of the Kings County Commission on Aging, a non profit agency. "As our senior population continues to grow, it is vitally important that we expand and improve upon the services and programs that we provide to older adults."

With one click, programs and services through county, state and federal sites are at your disposal.

The Network of Care Web site provides a comprehensive directory of the various service providers in Kings County, putting people in touch with the right services at the right time. Network of Care also provides easy-to-search databases and up to date vital information about diseases, finance and law, and care giving, as well as daily news articles from around the world concerning aging and disabilities in small and large print.

The Web site also allows the public to follow state legislative bills that could affect seniors and people with disabilities.

Network of Care is available in several languages, including English, Spanish and Cantonese.

To better serve seniors, Network of Care's Web site offers communication tools such as chat rooms and message boards for service providers.

"There is so much information," said DeMasters. "I hope people catch on."

For seniors who do not have access to a computer, it is available at Mary Brock Hall, 1197 South Drive; the Hanford Library, 401 N. Douty; and at the Senior/Veterans Center, 401 N. Irwin St.

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