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Garrett County Health Department Launches The Network of Care For Public Health Assessment and Wellness

Feb. 28, 2013
Network of Care

OAKLAND, MD. – Feb. 28, 2013 – Garrett County has launched an innovative, local-delivery Web portal to enhance health decision-making by providing community stakeholders, families and individuals with key health data and resources in an easy-to-read format. The Network of Care for Public Health Assessment and Wellness ( provides a directory of all health services; a leading health library and encyclopedia; social networking; legislative tools; nationwide news; personal health records, and much more.

Stakeholders have access to local Health Indicators, Model Practices from around the nation, and local collaboration tools. The site integrates statistics from National Data Warehouse and other sources into a collection of more than 100 local health and quality-of-life indicators specific to Garrett County’s service area. Further content is also available, including news; reports; services, and legislation, all specifically related to the topic of concern. The system also automatically brings a vetted library of “best practices” from around the nation. This “best practices” library describes how different communities with the same problem have worked toward positive change.

Service providers can share public-health challenges and ideas by embracing the Network of Care’s communication tools, such as the Social Network of Care and community calendars. Service providers can even build their own free Web sites in the For Providers section. The Network of Care for Public Health Assessment and Wellness is a partnership between the National Association of Counties; the National Association of City and County Health Officials, and Trilogy Integrated Resources.

To increase accessibility and accommodate the Network of Care’s users, the site’s innovative technology provides near-universal access, regardless of literacy or income level, to Web-based services through dynamic translation software and other adaptive technologies. The site is fully ADA-compliant. The Network of Care also is available in multiple languages.

Trilogy Integrated Resources LLC of San Rafael, Calif., created, developed and maintains the Network of Care for Public Health Assessment and Wellness and all of the other Network of Care Web sites, including the Network of Care for Seniors & People with Disabilities; the Network of Care for Behavioral Health; the Network of Care for Kids (ages 0-5); the Network of Care for Children & Families (ages 0-18); the Network of Care for Developmental Disabilities; the Network of Care for Domestic Violence; the Network of Care for Probation Services, and the Network of Care for Service Members, Veterans & Their Families.

Trilogy, the leading information provider in the field of social services, now serves 25 states via the Network of Care. For more information, please contact Trilogy at 415-458-5900 or at