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Ohio Launches Network of Care for Public Health Assessment & Wellness

Feb. 21, 2014
Ohio Department of Health

Columbus, Ohio, May 21, 2014 – Tuesday, Ohio launched an innovative, local-delivery public health dashboard to enhance health decision-making. This will help provide community stakeholders, providers, payers, families and individuals with key public health data and resources in an easy-to-read format.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH), local health departments and their stakeholders, will now have access to local and state public health indicators, model practices and local collaboration tools from around the nation. The site integrates statistics from national, state and other sources into a collection of more health and quality-of-life indicators specific for each health jurisdictions and the state of Ohio. Indicators also include Healthy People 2020 targets1, historical data per counties and evidence-based intervention.

“Network of Care will give Ohio a dynamic and integrated platform to track key public health indicators at the state and local levels,” said ODH Interim Director Lance Himes.

Local health departments can now share public-health challenges, ideas and successes by embracing the Network of Care’s communication tools, such as the Social Network of Care and community calendars. Local health departments will also be given access to update their unique sites with local assessment, planning and initiatives. This platform will give Ohio the ability to align, track and integrate state and local public health efforts.

“The Association of Ohio Health Commissioners applauds the leadership shown by the Ohio Department of Health in making Network of Care a reality in Ohio,” said Medina County Health Commissioner and AOHC President Krista Wasowski. “This new data tool will allow local communities to focus their efforts on areas of greatest need, and to more efficiently use limited health assessment funds.”

To increase accessibility and accommodate the Network of Care’s users, the site’s innovative technology provides near-universal access, regardless of literacy or income level, to Web-based services through dynamic translation software and other adaptive technologies. The site is fully ADA-compliant. The Network of Care also is available in multiple languages.

For more information, please contact:

Ohio Department of Health at (614) 644-8562 or
Trilogy Integrated Resources LLC at (415) 458-5900 or
Association of Ohio Health Commissioners at (614) 781-9556