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Ventura County, Calif., Adopts the Network of Care to Better Serve Children and Families

Feb. 4, 2014
Network of Care

VENTURA, Calif. – Barry Zimmerman, director of the Ventura County Human Services Agency, announced that the county has deployed the award-winning program called the Network of Care for Children and Family Services. This is a highly customized, local Web portal that serves more like a “virtual community” or one-stop shop for health and social-service issues for children and families in the area.

“We are very pleased to make this new tool available to our staff and clients,” Zimmerman said. “Social workers using mobile devices in the field can now quickly identify community services and work with families on next steps for accessing services – even email a link with directions. With the Network of Care, we can help families get the information they need to take an important step toward getting stronger.”

The Network of Care program was piloted in California and has been replicated throughout the country due to its ease of implementation and user-friendly format.