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Judicial District in Philadelphia Launches Network of Care for Prisoner Reentry

April 24, 2013
Network of Care

PHILADELPHIA -- In response to requests from courts, probation officers and behavioral- health program directors, the Network of Care has just added a brand-new offering – the Network of Care for Prisoner Reentry.

The Network of Care, which has been widely successful across the nation in the behavioral-health field, has made a logical jump into the criminal-justice system. The goal: to assist in better managing persons with behavioral-health issues as they return to society. The result is a new portal that can easily be used by the court/probation system to refer persons into needed treatment and recovery programs.

With a comprehensive Service Directory fully integrated into an online referral program, a judge, case manager or probation officer can, in seconds, find the right service in the right location. This system also enables referral agencies to notify the court as individuals begin or complete programs. Additionally, all referral information and more can be stored easily in a Personal Health Record, which can be used for enhanced care management when more than one agency or care worker is involved.

“The (Network of Care) Prisoner Reentry Network is an important tool for people reentering; their families; probation officers; corrections staff; the courts, and social-service providers,” said Ann Schwartzman, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Prison Society. “It provides current, up-to-date information at your fingertips. It is a resource that was developed by a coalition of key stakeholders, but it has gone beyond the original design with additional research articles, access to pending legislation, and over 600 agency listings. The Prison Society is proud to be a founder and sponsor of this innovative initiative.”

William DiMascio, former executive director of the Pennsylvania Prison Society, agreed. “This Network of Care for Prisoner Reentry represents a major breakthrough in the way people in need and service providers can access critical services in a timely fashion. We are delighted to join the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services and Trilogy to be a part of such an important innovation!”

Said Trilogy CEO Afshin Khosravi, “Here is a way to use existing technology creatively to reduce recidivism and improve the lives of folks coming back into society who have behavioral-health issues. In the end, it helps the community and all of us.”