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Nevada Launches Network of Care for Public Health Statewide

June 27, 2013
Network of Care

CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health launched its Network of Care for Public Health Assessment and Wellness today to serve policy makers and residents statewide.

This innovative project, a partnership between NACCHO, NACo and Trilogy, has been rapidly spreading across the country. The Network of Care effort customizes population health data from all around the nation into more than 150 community Health Indicators at the county level. It then ties each indicator to approved model practices. This is seen as a boon to health planning, policy, and public health accreditation.

“The Network of Care Web site provides an individualized and interactive resource that has been supported by the National Association of Counties from development,” said Jeffrey Fontaine, executive director of the Nevada Association of Counties. “We are excited to know that this valuable resource will be offered to citizens in all Nevada counties!”

“The State of Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health has a goal of providing transparent health data that is accessible and useful to anyone in Nevada and the Network of Care website does just that!” added Richard Whitley, administrator of the Nevada DPBH.