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Nebraska Launches Network of Care for Public Health

Aug. 8, 2013
Network of Care

Nebraska will launch its Network of Care for Public Health Assessment and Wellness today to serve policy makers and residents statewide.

This innovative project, a partnership between NACCHO, NACo and Trilogy, has been rapidly spreading across the country. The Network of Care effort customizes population health data from all around the nation into more than 150 community Health Indicators at the county level. It then ties each indicator to approved model practices. This is seen as a boon to health planning, policy, and public health accreditation.

“The Network of Care will provide us with a ready source – a complete and current site where we can go, and where others in the community can go – to get current statistics and numbers to guide their work,” said Teresa Anderson, director of the Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors. “It will allow us to display local, state and nationally acquired data in an easily understood and immediately accessible manner. The Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors is excited to work with our local health department members to bring this to Nebraska.”

Said Shannon Vanderheiden, executive director of the West Central District Health Department, “One of the immediate benefits that we see in implementing the Network of Care is that it will provide individuals, families and organizations in our district with a one-stop tool to help them find up-to-date information and resources that are easy to understand and utilize.”

“We are excited to be able to offer this Web-based health data system for the people and agencies in the Two Rivers Public Health Department district,” added TRPHD Director Terry Krohn. “The TRPHD Network of Care will provide access to information and resources that will assist local communities and organizations in improving and protecting the health of the people that we serve.”