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Bexar County, Texas, offers new Web site for veterans

May 22,2015
Network of Care

An important new tool in assisting our returning service members is now at work in Bexar County, Texas – the Network of Care for Veterans, Service Members & Their Families

Under the leadership of Leon Evans, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Health Care Services’ Mental Health and Substance Abuse Authority, the Network of Care offers a highly customized Web portal that is a one-stop shop for all programs, agencies, support and more. Now, a veteran can go to a single place to find all aspects of assistance, regardless of how they are funded or what bureaucracy they fall into.

“The mission of our Veterans Services is to work in collaboration with other Veteran Service Organizations in San Antonio/Bexar County, Texas, to eradicate homelessness by 2016, as well as support services through collaborative community connections,” said Valerie Sullivan, Interim Veterans Program Administrator for the CHCS. “The Center for Health Care Services’ Veterans Services Team is really proud to offer this completely unique Network of Care program to our returning service members and veterans who are currently experiencing homelessness.”

Bexar County and its leaders have a deep respect for the special needs of veterans. The Network of Care works like a “collaborative” in making it easy to find the right service at the right time. The Network of Care provides easy ways to find all services, support, jobs, links, news, medical information, networking, record storage, online assessment and recovery programs and much more.

The Network of Care is now easily replicated to any local or state jurisdiction. If you have any questions or would like a more in-depth demonstration of how the Network of Care works, please contact me directly at or (415) 458-5900.