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Healthy Communities Coalition Partners Launch Network of Care for Public Health for Montgomery, 7 Other Kentucky Counties

Jan 26, 2016
Montgomery County (Ky.) Health Department

Montgomery County Healthy Communities Coalition partners have launched an innovative, free, online web portal to enhance health decision-making by providing community stakeholders, families and individuals with key health information and resources in an easy-to-read format.

According to Public Health Director Jan Chamness, “The Network of Care for Public Health Assessment and Wellness site presents the most up-to-date health data at your fingertips. Through our contined work to improve the health of residents, we identified a need to improve access to and knowledge of local health data and information.” Community members and stakeholders now have access to local health indicators, model practices from around the nation and local collaboration tools from one site.

The site integrates statistics from multiple sources into a collection of more than 100 local health and quality-of-life indicators specific to Montgomery and surrounding counties. The system also brings a vetted library of “best practices” from around the nation. This “best practices” library describes how different communities with the same problem have worked toward positive change.

But this is not all. The site also contains a community calendar, comprehensive and searchable health information on nearly any conceivable topic and state and federal legislative tools. The Network of Care user has the ability to research medications, health conditions, and to create a personal health record to organize and store personal health information for themselves and family members. The site offers all of this information in multiple languages.

The Network of Care site serves multiple purposes and audiences. In addition to the many features that would appeal to the average community member accessing the site for personal use, those looking to do research, grant writing or in-depth analysis will find everything they require.

The Montgomery County Health Department, along with Saint Joseph Mount Sterling and Sterling Health Solutions sponsor the Network of Care site. The site contains health data for Montgomery and seven other counties which cover the service area of the site sponsors. All three organizations are members of the Healthy Communities Coalition.

The site can be accessed through a link on the health department website homepage at A link to the website is also available on the homepages of the Saint Joseph Mount Sterling and Sterling Health Solutions websites. To access the site directly visit

The Healthy Communities Coalition is comprised of local leaders in healthcare, government, area businesses, civic organizations and citizens interested in improving the health of our community.

The Coalition meets quarterly at the Montgomery County Health Department. Information on the Coalition can be accessed from the Network of Care homepage.