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Website for Seniors Launches Tuesday

Jul 19, 2017
Daily Republic Staff

FAIRFIELD — Solano County will launch a senior-specific website on Tuesday to provide information on issues relevant to the aging population, their families and their caregivers. includes a directory of local services, a social events calendar and a library of educational resources – all designed to enhance the public’s understanding of specific health issues and provide tips for healthy living.

The website includes service listings for Alzheimer’s, housing, transportation, health care and much more. Users have access to daily news clippings, pending legislation and means to contact local officials.

“The community has been looking forward to a resource that accommodates our seniors, and SolanoCares4Seniors does just that,” Supervisor Jim Spering said in a statement announcing the resource. “The website streamlines the search for trustworthy information by giving people the power to access programs, services and resources in their community.”

It was developed in collaboration with the Senior Coalition of Solano County and the Area Agency on Aging.

“Our ultimate goal is to direct seniors to the information they need quickly and efficiently,” Dr. Bela Matyas, Solano County public health officer, added in the statement. “We know that searching for relevant and trustworthy information can sometimes be overwhelming. This website consolidates all of the resources seniors need by offering a vast array of support for our older population, their families and caregivers.”

For more information, contact Shai Davis, senior health education specialist at 784-8679 and