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Tarrant County, Texas’ innovative program for prisoner reentry – the Network of Care

Network of Care

FORT WORTH, Texas (Oct. 31, 2017) – Tarrant County, Texas, developed the entire suite of Network of Care websites and named it Tarrant Cares. Tarrant Cares includes an innovative website for reentry services that assists a vulnerable population of ex-offenders – a huge benefit to Tarrant County and to those individuals seeking help, say county officials.

In recent years, a directory of Tarrant County reentry services was established, but that resource guide was basic and needed to be improved, said Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley. That’s when Tarrant Cares stepped forward.

“Now when you look at Reentry on Tarrant Cares, you can find a lot of different and additional resources,” Whitley said. “The database is more relevant and useful.”

The Tarrant Cares project has proven to be an invaluable resource for Tarrant County since it began in 2010. The websites are a fast and easy way to access comprehensive community services, information, support, advocacy, news and assistance on the most local level. It’s a great database that enables consumers to quickly find local programs and services.

“The Reentry module is one more way to build and strengthen a great resource,” Whitley said. “This takes it to a much higher level.”

“In 2013, reentry service providers in Tarrant County began looking for a solution for an online directory of reentry-specific resources in the community,” said Roddy Youree, chief operating Officer of Cornerstone Assistance Network. “After designing and implementing our own simple directory, we learned that Tarrant Cares, our local Trilogy Network of Care system, was considering a ‘reentry module’ for the current resource directory.

“Building upon the success of Tarrant Cares, we knew that Trilogy's customer service would be outstanding, and they did not disappoint. After being customized to our needs, the directory was launched and is now providing valuable data to the reentry community about organizations and the services they offer, in categories that are useful to all those involved in reentry, including case managers, probation officers, social workers, chaplains, family members, and most importantly, ex-offenders themselves.

“On behalf of Cornerstone Assistance Network and the many other reentry service providers in Tarrant County, we say ‘thank you’ to Trilogy and Tarrant Cares for the great work that you do.”

Here is a short YouTube demo on the Network of Care for Prisoner Reentry.

If you’d like a more in-depth demonstration of how the Network of Care works, please contact Eric Butler at (415) 458-5900 or