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Network of Care outreach for behavior health expands in Wisconsin — Brown County joins Connection N.E.W. Mental Health website

Network of Care

GREEN BAY, Wis. (Nov. 13, 2017) – In the latest expansion of the Network of Care for Behavioral Health, the tri-county in Northeast Wisconsin soon will grow to include Brown County.

“Connections for Mental Wellness is excited to partner with The Connection N.E.W Mental Health and Trilogy Integrated Resources to include mental-health and substance-abuse access and service information for Brown County to the site,” said Rebecca Fairman, executive director of Connections for Mental Wellness. “With the addition of the Brown County educational resources and mental-health and substance-abuse providers, users will have access to a more comprehensive list of available resources within Northeast Wisconsin, enabling them to make better informed decisions regarding their own care.

“The breadth of this online tool will help individuals find the care, resources and education they need, while alleviating the frustration of navigating a sometimes overly complicated and confusing system of care,” Fairman said. “All information regarding local and regional services can be viewed online and will allow users to assess the availability of services in a location that works best for them.”

“Our tri-county community is thrilled to have the addition of Brown County to our Network of Care site,” said Beth Clay, executive director of N.E.W. Mental Health Connection. “This will be of enormous benefit to our community's consumers and families who we know cross county lines to find and receive mental healthcare.

“This is a celebration of what regional partnership and collaboration looks like and is a testament to how user-friendly and valuable the Network of Care website is,” Clay added. “We hope all counties in Northeast Wisconsin will join with us in using Trilogy's solution for mental-health service navigation."

The Network of Care is now in almost 30 states and more than 700 regions. If you’d like a more in-depth demonstration of how the Network of Care works, please contact Eric Butler at (415) 458-5900 or