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Trilogy IR Launches Network of Care for Behavioral Health in Florida

Business Wire

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Trilogy Integrated Resources has launched the Florida Network of Care for Behavioral Health portal to provide comprehensive resources to Florida families who are struggling with mental health and substance use issues. The web-based portal includes a database of local programs and services, quick access to local emergency and crisis intervention programs, as well as a library of more than 30,000 articles, fact sheets and interactive tools.

Florida state lawmakers, under the leadership of Representative David Santiago, threw their support behind the portal after the state experienced multiple tragedies that grabbed national headlines and highlighted the need for more behavioral health resources.

“If you have ever cared for a loved one facing a behavioral health concern, you have probably seen firsthand how challenging it can be to know what to do, where to begin, where to go next,” said Bruce Bronzan, President of Trilogy IR. “Network of Care offers a single place where all information can easily be found about services, support, advocacy, recovery tools and more. The Network of Care has a strong emphasis on personal knowledge and empowerment, early intervention, prevention and general physical health or wellness. It combines best-in-class information from around the country with a comprehensive collection of all local services and support.”

Florida Network of Care for Behavioral Health is part of the national Network of Care that has more than 700 customized, community-based websites in 30 states. During the past decade, Trilogy’s Network of Care has served more than 30 million people nationwide through its online offerings, which are replicated and custom-designed for any state.

Network of Care was founded by Bronzan and Afshin Khosravi, CEO of Trilogy IR, to ensure "No Wrong Door" exists for those in need of social services and provide fast and easy access to comprehensive community services, information, support and assistance on a localized level to millions of people nationwide. It was recommended to all states by former President George W. Bush’s 2003 New Freedom Commission on Mental Health and is considered a cost-effective, easy-to-use gateway for connecting people to services in their communities.

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