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Network of Care Is Qualified Expenditure in Latest SAMHSA Guidelines


On the eve of our 20thanniversary, the Network of Care is honored to be recognized by SAMHSA as a qualified expenditure in its recent guidelines for the American Rescue Plan’s $1.5 billion Mental Health Block Grant (MHBG) appropriation.

In this four-year grant, SAMHSA explicitly encourages states to use MHBG funding for infrastructure development, as long as the intent of the infrastructure supports or benefits persons with serious mental illness or severe emotional disturbance (SMI-SED). The Network of Care assists persons with SMI-SED in finding treatment, support, awareness, education and other resources necessary for recovery:

Consider digital platforms, such as Network of Care, which facilitate access to behavioral health services for persons with SMI-SED.(Please see page 2, bullet #7).

If you are interested in learning more about how the Network of Care can help your local jurisdiction during these challenging times, please contact Pam Frank at (415) 257-2407 or