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Press Release

Network of Care Expands Its Reach in Wisconsin

Pam Frank

After years of serving multiple counties in Wisconsin with our Behavioral Health program, Sawyer County follows in Racine County’s footsteps by contracting with the Network of Care to bring our Children and Family Services program to their local area.

The Network of Care for Children and Family Services program helps counties reach families in need by providing fast and easy access to comprehensive community services, information, support, and assistance on a localized level. This one-stop information resource includes a Service Directory, Referral Application, Suicide Prevention Resources and SupportOpioid-Dependence Content (scroll down), and much more. This program is not only a guide for children and families, but also a resource for agencies working with families and children ages 0-18. And we are SAMHSA-qualified for American Rescue Plan funding.

To learn more about how this program can help families in your local community, please contact Pam Frank at (415) 257-2407 or

Kind regards,


Pamela F. Frank, Executive Vice President

Trilogy Integrated Resources, LLC | Network of Care

General: (415) 458-5900

Direct: (415) 257-2407

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