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Press Release

Network of Care Resource Directory Available to the Residents of Sawyer County, Wis.

Network of Care

The need for a comprehensive countywide resource directory was identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment conducted by the health department and hospital as part of developing their 2023-2025 Community Health Improvement Plan.

The first step in developing the CHIP is to access the needs of the community. Health departments must regularly and systematically, collect, analyze and make available information about the health of the community. Under the Affordable Care Act, not-for-profit hospitals are required to conduct a community health needs assessment, every three years, to ensure they are addressing the health needs of their communities.

In March 2021, HAMH released a 14-question digital survey to receive community feedback on the greatest health needs. Over 770 survey responses were received. Following the review of the survey results, focus groups were formed to obtain additional information from specific demographic groups that had low survey response rates.

The identified needs include:

  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Chronic Disease
  • Dementia Care
  • Transportation
  • Affordable Housing
  • Trauma Resources
  • Culturally Sensitive Healthcare
  • Safe Place for Teens to Socialize
  • Home & Respite Care Services (worker shortage)
  • Long term Care Placement

Following the identification of needs, additional county level data was reviewed, existing programs were discussed and a plan to address the greatest health needs was written. The full plan is called Sawyer County Health Together and is available on the hospital’s website.

One of the top priorities identified in the plan was the need for more information about services and resources available in the county.

“In survey comments, during focus groups and as we have begun establishing committees and work groups, we have heard that there are many community resources that people don’t know about,” says Julia Lyons, Director of Sawyer County Health and Human Services. “That awareness lead to the development of the Sawyer County Network of Care website.”

The purpose of the website is to support a healthier Sawyer County by providing county wide health and wellness resource database to share services, educational opportunities, programs and support groups that are available in Sawyer County. The website also has an extensive library of resources related to a variety of health and wellness topics.

The Sawyer County Public Health Department partnered with the Network of Care to develop the website. Network of Care is the largest government-sponsored, community-based online platform in the country. They support hundreds of websites throughout the United States with the goal of providing fast and easy access to comprehensive community services, information, support and assistance on a localized level. The website development and ongoing maintenance is supported by Sawyer County Public Health with funding from grants and financial support from the Hayward Area Memorial Hospital.

When visiting the Sawyer County Network of Care website, people will find a number of different resources including community services, a resource library, information on assistive devices, insurance programs and more. Individuals can also create an account to save their searches and share the information they find with their family members or caregivers.

“We believe social networks are important to the mental wellbeing of our residents,” says Joyce Knowlton, Sawyer County Public Health Specialist. “We would like to encourage social clubs and groups to add information to the site. We would also encourage any group or organization offering activities for community members, including activities for children to submit a calendar listing.”

Examples include walking and biking groups, knitting, crafting or book clubs, parenting or children’s play groups and after school programs.

“We are not only building a website of “health and wellness services”, we want to have a county wide resource directory that contributes to the health of the whole community,” says Knowlton.

“We have identified the need for a county wide resource directory, we have built the website, we are sharing it with the community and now we need people to use it and help us make it better,” says Lyons. “We invite everyone to check out the website, provide feedback and share the link with your friends and family.”

If you have an update or feedback about the site please use the links below or call Sawyer County Public Health at 715-638-3353 or by email

  • New agencies can be added here

  • Existing agency listings can be updated by selecting the agency and using the update this listing

  • General Feedback about the site or content can be submitted at the Feedback Link on the bottom of the homepage

It is important to understand that only listings related to health and wellness organizations, services or activities contributing to the health and wellness of those living in Sawyer County will be added to the website.