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Press Release

Onondaga County’s Network of Care

June 25, 2004
NYS Conference of Local Mental Health Directors Newsletter

By David Brownell, Commissioner Onondaga County Department of Mental Health

In April of this year, Onondaga County became the first county in the state to offer the award-winning Network of Care for Behavioral Health. County Executive Nicholas Pirro, at a press conference that included consumers, family members and providers, unveiled this innovative, user-friendly online behavioral health informational tool.

The Web site is designed to provide consumers, family members, policy makers, practitioners and the general public with information and resources related to Onondaga County’s provision of behavioral health care services and all one would ever want to know about behavioral health. The Network of Care technology is a breakthrough resource that can inform, connect and empower.

The Network includes seven principle features: A comprehensive Service Directory; an extensive Library with more thaN 30,000 articles; a Legislate section that permits tracking of legislation and instant email connection to state and federal legislators; Links to hundreds of local, state and national Web sites; an Insurance feature with detailed information on commercial and low-cost health insurance for county residents; a Support & Advocacy feature with ready connection to local, state and national Web sites, and a My Folder feature that permits password-protected storage of an array of vital family, health and legal information.

In more than 30 years working in the field, this is the greatest single contribution I have made. I invite you to visit our site at and judge for yourself the benefit to the residents of your county.