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Press Release

NACBHD and Trilogy Integrated Resources to Promote Nationwide Rollout
of Network of Care for Behavioral Health Web Sites

Aug. 04, 2004
National Association of County Behavioral Health Directors
and Trilogy Integrated Resources

WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 4, 2004 — Working to dramatically expand access to critical behavioral-health information for individuals, families and service providers, the National Association of County Behavioral Health Directors (NACBHD) today announced a strategic alliance with Trilogy Integrated Resources LLC to promote Network of Care for Behavioral Health Web sites nationwide, as recommended in the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health.

The Network of Care for Behavioral Health ( is an Internet-based “virtual community” that harnesses the information/technology revolution specifically to serve community behavioral health needs. It combines all critical behavioral-health information in a single, easily accessible place so that there is “No Wrong Door” for those who need services. The purpose is to arm individuals and families directly with accurate information, knowledge and support to empower them to make the best possible decisions regarding their lives.

The Network of Care Web site attacks the root causes of stigma by providing information and education to the general public regarding the biological nature of mental illness and by providing information regarding the availability and effectiveness of treatment. The Network of Care also empowers people with a far better ability to navigate the service delivery system, thus providing a clearer personal roadmap to recovery. The Web site provides linguistic access to mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse services by providing a variety of language and cultural translations.

As part of the strategic alliance, the Network of Care for Behavioral Health will be available at a significantly lower cost to local, county-sponsored behavioral health authorities. The partnership will help both Trilogy and NACBHD to implement the goals and findings of the President’s New Freedom Commission within states and local communities.

“This is a strategic alliance that recognizes that ready access to information, learning and knowledge on the part of the general public, consumers and families is a key element in transforming the nation’s mental health system,” said Melissa Staats, executive director of NACBHD. “This partnership brings the best in terms of private-sector technology combined with public sector values.”

"This partnership with NACBHD represents a joining of forces between a state-of-the-art behavioral health strategy highlighted in the President's Commission report with the most important local behavioral leadership organization in the nation,” said Bruce Bronzan, president of Trilogy Integrated Resources. “Working together is a very exciting step forward. It enables both of our organizations to creatively combine our strengths to improve the lives of people whom the local community programs serve."

“Our strategic partnership is the beginning of a long journey to help behavioral health clients across the country get closer to a full recovery while enjoying greater control of their lives,” said Afshin Khosravi, CEO of Trilogy Integrated Resources. “We are honored to have this opportunity and confident that our partnership will make a significant contribution to the field of behavioral health.”

The California Department of Mental Health, under the direction of Dr. Steven Mayberg, commissioned the Network of Care for Behavioral Health to be created in October 2002. San Diego County, Calif., was the inaugural location for the site, which now serves counties in California, New York and Ohio.

About the National Association of County Behavioral Health Directors

The National Association of County Behavioral Health Directors (NACBHD) is an affiliate of the National Association of Counties (NACo), and the national representative of county-sponsored behavioral health authorities that provide or oversee mental health, substance abuse treatment and/or devel