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Web Site Offers World of Information

Aug. 18, 2004
San Leandro Times

Nightingale Nursing Education Center in San Leandro is holding “Prime Time Wednesdays” this month with different speakers every week.

Last Wednesday, Kathy Sterbenc, publisher with Trilogy Integrated Resources, introduced a Web site called Network of Care that she and her co-workers created in 2001. It’s a comprehensive Web site for seniors, disabled people, their families and friends. The Web site is clear, simple and easy to use, especially for people who are not familiar with computers.

“We try to keep it clean and make it as easy as possible to use,” said Sterbenc.

In the upper right corner of the Web site, it says “Text Only” which is for people who are blind. Many seniors have a hard time reading small print, but Network of Care allows you to click on “Large Print” to make the letters bigger.

On the left side, users can visit Nationwide News, which contains stories that are related to seniors and disabled people.

“We put four stories on every day,” said Sterbenc.

For seniors who don’t speak English, the Web site currently provides information in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Rx Assistance, which is located on the left side of the screen, is very useful, providing information on discount medicines and descriptions of different medications.

At the top of the screen, there are six pastel-colored illustrations that look like jelly beans which are also full of useful information. For example, when you click on Legislate, it shows information on state government. You can send an email to a senator or the governor directly from the site.

On the Links page, visitors can search nationwide for contact information about organizations or people who might know about specific illnesses.

People who need special tools or facilities can turn to the Assistive Devices page. It shows many products that seniors and disabled people might need. Some of the products even have pictures and prices.

Another useful resource is My Folder, where seniors can put information on health, insurance and emergency contacts. Seniors can share this information with family or friends. Then, in the case of an emergency, family and friends can respond to the situation quickly.

Participants at the Nightingale Nursing workshop were very impressed with the Web site.

“This is fabulous,” said Victoria Williams, who is a paratransit coordinator with the City of Hayward and knew about the Web site through her job.

“It’s going to be good that more people know about it,” said Williams.

“I’ll pass this Web site on to my neighbors,” said Colleen Hess.

At the bottom of the Web site, there’s a place for Feedback, so visitors can let Sterbenc know what they think about the site. Sterbenc says they’re always looking for ways to improve the Web site.

“Feedback always encourages us,” said Sterbenc.

To visit the Web site, go to For more information on Nightingale Nursing or Prime Time Wednesdays, call 357-4222.